Do it. Don’t wait.

Take that trip you have been planning. Even if it is for a few days.

Start that model-building project you had in mind. Even if it will last months.

Buy that cheap guitar to learn. Even if you can learn only one chord per week.

Get that theater membership. even if you can only use it once every 2 months.

Take some time to be with friends, family, close ones. Even if it’s half an hour every day.

Do what you want to do, today. Don’t postpone your life.

Live your life as it is happening

Do things which you have a chance of doing, today.

Don’t postpone things until graduation, until retirement, until vacations, until after that project, until kids are older, until you passed that bridge, until you finished this, or completed that.

If there is enough time to do what you want to do even a little bit, if your life circumstances allow you to do what you want to do even to a small degree, do it.

It may not be as complete and fulfilling as it could if you just waited until the ‘right time to do it. You may not be able to do it to the degree which you would like to do in one go…

But doing even a little, today, is better than postponing.

What’s more, if you go little by little every day, you will indeed go a long way in fulfilling your heart’s content over time.

Fulfilling your desires, pursuing your aspirations, embarking on your seeking, even if a little today, is better than postponing them for tomorrow.

It will work out as long as you do it reasonably

Take a few days’ vacation for that trip if you can’t take a few weeks.

Watch guitar lessons online from video services if you don’t have the time to take lessons from a tutor.

Start a smaller model project if your budget is not enough for a bigger one.

See one play every few months, or go to the cinema every few weeks if you can’t do it every weekend.


As long as you are reasonable, things will work.

Fulfill your responsibilities, spend logically, use your time reasonably, use your energy wisely, and you can fit in what you want to do into your life’s schedule even if little by little.

You don’t need to break the bank, you don’t need to overextend or exhaust yourself.

Just do it reasonably. Do it today.

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