How to break free from corporate life series: Part 3 – Preparation for the effects on relationship with your family

How to break out of corporate life - Effects on your family and reaction of your family

If the change in your societal status and societal relationships which you will experience after breaking out of corporate life is one thing, the effect which breaking out of corporate life will have on your relationship with your family, close circle and relatives is a totally different beast. Ranging from pressure from your parents to your spouse getting upset about your decision to break out of corporate life, the effects which it could have on your finances, your livelihood, and your future happiness in respect to your family life is a major item which you should carefully plan for in your journey outside the corporate life. In this part of “How to break free from corporate life” series, we will look into this important aspect of the process and best potential ways to deal with it.

You don’t need a reason to have self worth

You dont need a reason to respect yourself

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People are more important

A peek to Mars

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