Keep going on

Times are hard. A lot of things are happening. It doesn’t seem to be getting better. People are affected, under stress. A lot of problems around. No dawn visible on the horizon yet.

Yet the dawn will come.

Things will eventually change. Life will pick up from where it left. People will get themselves together, start living their lives, they will laugh again, they will smile, they will move on.

So, keep going on, and survive

Do what you need to do survive without compromising your principles.

Make do however you can.

Collaborate and cooperate with other people. Help each other. Take courage and give courage. Do charity, and receive charity. Let out a helping hand, and receive help when it is given.

In the end, all that matters is people. People can make the world a better place. People can bear hardships together, people can survive together and progress.

Find like minded people who help each other, and walk together with them. Be one of those people who walk forward and help others to walk forward.

Together, people are stronger. Together, people can persevere. Together, people can triumph.

So, join forces with other people who are willing to help each other and persevere.

For you can survive

And you only need to survive. So that you can pick things up where you left them.

All you need to do is to survive to keep walking on your path again when this passes. If you can still make progress towards the future which you had in mind before this, that’s a bonus, and that’s great. But its still alright if you can’t do it for now.

Just survive through this by helping each other, and pick things up again in future.

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