How to break free from corporate life – Part 1: The Decision

Break free of corporate life

Part 1: The Decision Part 2: Preparation for Social change and the reaction of the Society Part 3: Preparation for the effects on relationship with your family Every day – over and over again. Wake up, prepare, come to work, repeat the same soul-grinding cycle until it’s time to call off another workday… Deadlines. Meetings. … Read more

People are more important

A peek to Mars

Just take a few seconds to observe the above sight from Mars… Inspiring. Exciting. Mysterious. Intriguing. Futuristic. Curious. Yet… Barren. Desolate. Lonely. Deserted. Lifeless. There isn’t any laughter there. There isn’t friendship. Neither there is music, a warm welcome, a friendly goodbye or an awkward greeting. There isn’t even boredom or mundanity… Because there aren’t … Read more