Every Second of Life is Important

Live your life to the fullest

Your 20s are as important as your 30s. Your 30s are as important as your 40s. Your 40s are as important as your 50s, 60s, and 70s. Every second we exist, we think, we feel, we act. Every second, we make memories. Every second, we write a paragraph of our journey. In the end, we … Read more

Stop Worrying About Society’s Opinions

Set your own end goal without worrying about society's opinion

Starting from today, stop worrying about what society thinks or says. Because what society thinks changes every 10 years, at the maximum every 20 years. What society thought to be ‘respectable’ or important 20 years ago is not respectable or important anymore. What society thought to be a ‘good job’ is not a ‘good job’ … Read more

How to break free from corporate life – Part 2: Preparation for Social change and the reaction of the Society

How to break free of corporate life - Psychological Change, Reaction of the Society

In the second part of “How to break free from corporate life” series, we examine the effects of breaking free of corporate life and society’s reaction. Understanding these and planning for this change and this reaction can help make the transition into your new life much smoother.

You don’t need a reason to have self worth

You dont need a reason to respect yourself

Imagine for a second, that you got some spectacular news. A promotion. Or a good score in that difficult exam. Or, a great business deal. You are suddenly thrilled. You feel yourself on top of the world. Flying high. … Now, imagine the opposite. That you were fired. Or you failed that class. Or you … Read more

People are more important

A peek to Mars

Just take a few seconds to observe the above sight from Mars… Inspiring. Exciting. Mysterious. Intriguing. Futuristic. Curious. Yet… Barren. Desolate. Lonely. Deserted. Lifeless. There isn’t any laughter there. There isn’t friendship. Neither there is music, a warm welcome, a friendly goodbye or an awkward greeting. There isn’t even boredom or mundanity… Because there aren’t … Read more

Take Heart, for Mankind is actually Good inside

Good People are out there

It doesn’t look like that when you look around while living your daily life, does it? People seem self-centered, disconnected, egoistic, uncaring about the world around them. They go about their daily lives without getting involved with other people, without much sign of positive interaction with each other or cooperation, leave aside any good deed… … Read more